Projects with mind-blowing ideas need to be properly developed, crowd-funded and launched with urgency. In making this a reality, many blockchain Launchpads and Labs are springing up to bring projects and ideas to tackle the demand of the 21st-century blockchain problems through innovating new technology.


Morpheus Lab is the new tool to bring development into the deployment of projects, Dapps, protocols, all on the blockchain. Developers and project owners find Morpheus Lab as a hub to kick start their project, manage, build and test applications while minimizing cost.

The Morpheus Labs makes blockchain application easy, create a platform for faster coding of blockchain program through open-source availability of its codes, project owners get to choose between various programs that fit in perfectly into their project. An enticing side to the Morpheus Lab is its Blockchain platform as a service, this makes accessibility to various codes, programs, blockchain runtime and experimentation to be done at a cost-effective price. With resources and support ready to use, Morpheus lab users are open to vast resources of data and supports, in other to bring scalability to project as they are being developed on its network. Morpheus lab also offers a ready-to-use programme and codes with adequate support from its team.
Communities, enterprises, government and financial institutions all find Morpheus Lab a very interesting place to code, program and launch their crypto project, failures in blockchain project deployment are also kept at minimal. The Morpheus Lab also makes supervision of blockchain network, create a mobile dest to allow project owners to monitor their project while supporting with software and middleware as part of its service.

The principles Morpheus lab rest on is the ability to create compatible blockchain node on a virtual machine for blockchain host. With the help of cloud technology, Morpheus lab is coming to the blockchain innovation stage with enlarged capacity and automotive provision of resources. Users on Morpheus lab have a differential space to manage their blockchain, this makes conforming to various components possible through its pluggable layered architecture. Its ability to leverage open-source tools gives Morpheus lab an edge in the design and implantation of blockchain programs, thereby creating a seamless mode of deployment of the project.


The most amazing feature of Morpheus lab lies in its architecture supporting various chains like Ethereum, multichain, NEM, Vechain and many more. In providing ready to use programs, Morpheus came up with different access to its program, through its platform Presentation Layer, users are welcomed to the various tools to make their project a reality. The Platform Admin Console gives the auditing and managing power to the platform administrators. The Platform dashboard contains all that is needed to initiate and monitor workspace, administrators can also add more workspace to the platform dashboard. in managing the codes on the platform, the DevOps Tooling comes to place in bringing to reality smaller service-based blockchain applications. Insourcing for codes, integration and tooling, the DevOp makes sure the platform is providing service to users.

Another awesome feature of Morpheus Lab lies in its support program to project managers and users, both the user's account and identity are kept secured while giving open access to its users to modify the code to their program to suit their project standard.
Businesses and blockchain projects come faster to life with tools from Morpheus Lab. With lesser runtime and deployment, unique value in its provision of blockchain as a service, solution to many blockchain problems and high cost of effective team management. Morpheus solves all these through its structure with its ready-to-use program, faster runtime, open service and creation of many channels while giving accurate support to its users.

The most competitive edge Morpheus Lab has over other blockchains is its integrating ability into another blockchain. While providing cloud-based program storage for all its programs.

The Morpheus lab project is tokenised by MITX token. Having a 1 billion token distribution, 25% burned and 20% to be burnt over the space of 2 years, 25% in sales and circulation. 10%is earmarked for the community while less than 10% is locked as Team funds. 10% foundation and 5% is meant for reserve.

In April 2021, Morpheus Lab burnt 5M of its token thereby increasing token value and keeping to its roadmap, successive burning has occurred after that with the 9th burning occurring on the 4th of Oct 2021, cumulatively given a tool of 700M MITX token burnt.

Morpheus lab use cases are many, to mention a few. Investors don’t have to worry about ROI with the roadmap and structure of the MITX token. The integration of Morpheus lab into the majority of futuristic ideas and projects makes it a one-stop for investors that see value in the project. The best UI platform for users comes with the Morpheus Lab. Engaging its user with cloud-based programs, easy to use and deploy programs, while giving them an open space to create their blockchain network according to their ideas gives Morpheus a unique ability to be at the echelon of blockchain Launchpad and deployment.

In business, a faster decision is made with the help of Morpheus Lab, efficiency is doubled with its lesser cost to deployment ratio. This makes companies, project owners use the Morpheus lab more often. Lesser staff are needed with the monitoring team of Morpheus lab. Projects built from Morpheus are easy to track, the progress of such a project by inputting a tracker, whether for a medical application or in the media, this help to keep records and measure the effect of a deployed blockchain Dapp. In bringing this good news to many crypto enthusiasts, Morpheus lab is partnering with NewsCrytpo, a trading platform to bring more adoption to many.



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