Venturing into crypto currency can be a very daring and challenging adventure especially in a world where most people still see the crypto space as rocket science, in that world a platform like BitNorm also known as crypto intelligence suite, simply put –News Agency of crypto currency is a necessary compass.


BitNorm offers the best information; overviews and insights possible to everyone interested in crypto currencies, enabling them get a good grip on the crypto currency world

How would you feel if apart from being liberated from crypto ignorance, you get placed at a level where you’re the first to know and land the best trading/ investment deals before the rest of the world?

As a BitNorm user you stand the chance to gain on multiple levels, for users who intend to own and run blogs where they can talk and analyze crypto trends, BitNorm is happy to host this idea of theirs as the platform allows its users to run crypto related blogs. On the other hand if you are a developer or maintainer you are also not left out of the package as BitNorm ensures it showers support for developers amongst other things.

Furthermore crypto investors get the privilege of reliable, assessable and accurate data plus the opportunity of being the first to catch upcoming crypto trends.

Curious? Hop in and let’s check out how all of these works!


The functionality of BitNorm is tied to the effectiveness of its six core features and we are about to look at them one after the other.

Source Code Data Engine: this feature ensures that source codes can be audited by BitNorm users this is basically what ensures a novice user doesn’t get lost in the flood of information out there or end up making bad trading decisions because of lack of proper guidance or misinformation. It helps the “newcomers” get grounded with information before they make decisions by revealing all the trends surrounding the projects they intend to venture into, truth be told, BitNorm is surely the best compass!

Market News/Sentiments is another key feature, I kind of feel like this is the most interesting part. This is structured to help users understand trends including what others are saying or doing in the crypto space, the ins and the outs, just imagine breaking crypto news, and sentiments at the tip of your finger.

Network Data Engine:

If you are at the point where understanding how much harsh rate is running on blockchain networks globally is important to you then Network Data Engine is the key feature you should check out really soon, this is where all the pumps and dumps are reflected.

Community Engine: This is by far one of the most engaging of the six key features, this is where users are linked up for collaborations through chats, forums, blogs and other platforms.

Market Data Engine:

This feature is for Crypto investors- you know what happens after the point when you finally decide to invest in a particular coin? Monitoring begins, we want to know what’s up with that project, hope it’s doing well and prospering; now Market Data Engine is the feature you need at this point because it helps you monitor possible fluctuations in price and volume.

Indexation Engine:

This helps crypto developers increase their visibility, it helps notify stakeholders of new trends that spring up, it also allows their investors to understand if certain projects are worth investing in or not.

Inclusion, BitNorm is the platform that helps you gather intelligence on the crypto world. Trust me, you don’t want to wander into this space without a compass!

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